Home defense simunitions

As the ammo shortage goes longer and longer, training and practice has become harder and harder to accomplish. Building or maintaining competence with your handgun has become an issue for many of us. No worries, we are now offering a solution.


Wilshire Gun is introducing a comprehensive pistol training program based entirely on dry fire exercises. Every function of accurate shooting and gun handling may be learned and practiced without ammunition. Live fire is
necessary only to verify those skills learned and practiced by dry fire.

Dry Fire 3 will quickly review Dry Fire 1 and 2, then introduce one-handed pistol manipulations, aka “wounded shooter drills.” You will learn to clear malfunctions and reload an empty pistol with just one hand. We will also cover target transitions.

You will need:

A Handgun

Minimum of 2 magazines
Magazine carrier
Rigid belt
0 rounds of ammunition


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