Wilshire Gun EDC Match

Are you ready to test skills to become a reliable and effective concealed carrier?


Wilshire Gun is hosting a 5 month competition league 


 Shooters will need to bring at least 100 rounds.  The cost of the competition is $25.00 per session.  Each shooter will receive a competition t-shirt with their first entry.  1 Session each month for total of 5 months.


1st Place: $500.00 gift card

2nd Place: $250.00 gift card

3rd Place: $100.00 gift card


Awards ceremony in the Caliber Club at the end of the season. 

Date and time TBA.


Match Rules


Purpose of the match:  To promote proficiency with the equipment we carry every day.  The matches are designed to be fast, with simple scoring and simple statistics.  Scoring is designed to favor accuracy over speed.  Every effort will be made to have match results completed and announced within a half-hour of the last round fired.


Equipment required:  Handgun, .45 caliber or smaller, under 16” in overall length.  Your Holster must be worn at the beltline between 12:00 and 5:00 for right-handed shooters, between 12:00 and 7:00 for left-handed shooters.  No reversed holsters (cavalry draw) will be allowed.  No cross-draw or shoulder holsters will be allowed due to safety issues.  Your Holster must cover the trigger and trigger guard of the pistol.  Bullets must be lead cored, with or without a copper jacket or plating.  No steel jacketed or plated bullets will be allowed on the indoor range.


Attire:  Seasonally appropriate clothing commonly seen in public spaces.  No trench coats.  No outer garments that are inappropriate for the current weather.  Photographer vests, fishing vests “shoot-me-first” vests are begrudgingly allowed, but you can expect much ridicule.  Style points will be awarded for the brightest, ugliest Hawaiian shirt.


Unsafe behavior or gun handling will not be tolerated.  Any action deemed unsafe by the RO will result in disqualification for the match, and expulsion from the range for the remainder of the match.  In such a case, the shooter will be declared to have finished the match in the last place.


180 rule:  Muzzle of the pistol must stay downrange of a plane parallel to the backstop, and at the position of the firing line.  This allows nearly 180 degrees of muzzle motion forward of this line.  Allowing a muzzle to touch or cross this plane will result in immediate disqualification for the match.  


Stage scoring:  USPSA targets will be used, scored on a “time plus” system.  “A” zone hits will be +0 seconds.  “B” and “C” zone hits will score as +2 seconds.  “D” zone will score as +4 seconds.  Misses are +10 seconds.  Penalties for failure to follow stage procedures will be +5 seconds.


Match scoring:  Stage scores will be sorted by final time, fastest to slowest.  The fastest shooter (first place) will be given a “1” for the stage, second place a “2”, etc.  Each shooter’s earned rankings will be added, and this total will be sorted for the match standings.  


Season scoring:  Each shooter’s match rankings will be added.  One match score will be thrown out for each shooter.  This can be applied to a missed match, or to cover a poor performance in a particular match.


Season standings will be based on this total, lowest score to highest.



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