NEW ar Owner Immersion

The AR New Owner Immersion class is designed specifically for the new gun owner who has purchased an AR type rifle and is now having trouble finding ammunition for it.  This class will fully familiarize a new AR owner with his carbine, and start him along the path of real proficiency without firing any irreplaceable ammunition.


Segment one:  a hands-on block of instruction on the care and maintenance of your carbine.  We will cover disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, and lubrication.  Also included will be general concepts regarding the set-up of a defensive carbine. 


Segment two:  a brief presentation on the external ballistics of the 5.56 mm cartridge, and how to zero your optics and/or iron sights.


Segment three:  the fundamentals of carbine shooting.  This segment will include firing simunitions rounds in the simunitions shoot house.


Segment four:  Defensive shooting drills in the simunitions shoot house with simunitions rounds.


What to bring:  Bring your AR type carbine for the hands-on portion of the maintenance class.  You’re also welcome to use our conversion unit to shoot it in the shooting segments.  If for some reason, our conversion is not compatible with your personal carbine, or if you’d prefer not to fire sims rounds through yours, you’re welcome to shoot one of our carbines for those segments.  Bring note taking materials, and eye protection.

What you will need:

An AR type rifle or carbine.

20 rounds of ammo. (No steel)

Hearing and eye protection (loaners available)

Note taking materials, if desired.


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