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Handgunner 2

Handgunner 2 covers in detail the safe use of a holster, reducing malfunctions, and reloading an empty pistol.  Every drill in this class will begin, and end, in a holster. Once use of sights is well understood, the gun handling functions of presentation from holster, reloading, and clearing malfunctions converge into a single skillset and independent of the sighting system.  

This is a critical skill set for those who carry a defensive handgun on a regular basis.


What you will need:


Appropriate holster and belt. 

100 rounds of ammunition, no steel case or bullet

The holster must be worn on the strong side.  Strong side to include holster placement at the navel (12:00) to just behind the strong side hip (4:00). No holsters that require crossing the centerline of the body are allowed.  No cross draw, shoulder holsters, small of the back, middle of the back, or ankle holsters.  No holsters that require the use of the index finger to release the pistol from the holster (Blackhawk Serpa).  No reversed holsters that require the back of the hand to the torso to grip the pistol in the holster.

Hearing and eye protection (loaners available)


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