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Intro to
Night vision

This course is the starting point on your NIGHT VISION journey. Learn the science, technology, brands and how to find the best values before your buy. Don't understand what FOM means? Why does one cost more than the other? This is a course that has been designed to take someone with zero prior knowledge or experience of night vision and educate them to enter the night vision world. Stop the confusion before it begins. 

The class includes a classroom lecture covering:

- Basic science of night vision

- Types of night vision

- How Analog night vision works

- How Digital night vision works

- Generations of night vision

- Common night vision uses

- Night Vision vs Thermal

- Common night vision devices

- Understanding tube "specs"

- Understanding pricing

- Completing the setup (Lasers, helmets, and add-ons"


This is where most "try before you buy" classes end... But, Wilshire Gun is taking things a step further. After the lecture, there will be hands-on, live-fire demos. Students will get the opportunity to try on night vision devices, utilize  IR aiming lasers, shooting while passively aiming with red dots.  (NV Devices, Rifle, and ammo will be provided with enrollment and are included in cost)


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