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Being More Productive at the Range

Every time you go to the range, consider having a goal to accomplish

for the day rather than just standing there and punching holes in paper. For

example, incorporate things into your rotation that you may find yourself

confronting in the real world. Imagine carrying a bag in your hand as you are

entering a car. This situation will require far different skills than most people

practice on a regular basis. There are a ton of different drills and targets that

correlate to the skill you are practicing. One of our favorite places to find these

drills is at These drills help you work on everything

from accuracy to speed and target transitions.

Always make it a point to practice with one hand - both your strong hand and

weak hand. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where

you end up with only one hand on the gun. The time to find out that you aren’t

proficient isn’t when the trouble starts! Magazine changes are another HUGE

thing to practice. If you can’t reload under stress this is something you

absolutely need to practice - it is a basic level skill that every shooter needs to

master. Engaging targets at different distances and of different sizes are other

great things to practice. Every pistol shooter should be able to hit the “A Box”

at 25 yards effectively. We always remind our members and customers to

shoot until they are out of their comfort zone. Why? Because the fight for your

life or a loved one will be outside of your comfort zone… guaranteed!

We always encourage everyone to participate in Wilshire Gun’s monthly

competitions. Each contest will incorporate many of these skills under stress

from time and movement. Our competitions are less focused on high round

counts, but rather critical skills that most shooters practice little, if at all. There

are many other competitions one can participate in to help incorporate all of

the drills and skills into one event. OKC Gun Club hosts a USPSA match

every month that will test all of your abilities at once. We highly recommend

participating to really test yourself while having some serious gun fun.

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