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Carrying Your Pistol in Other States

Vacation time is here and one thing you may overlook when traveling out of state is carrying your firearms with you. Always plan and research before you bring them along to protect you while traveling. Here are some pointers to help you along the way.

Always remember that when you travel across state lines you are held accountable to the laws of that state and its jurisdictions. While carrying in Oklahoma, it may be perfectly legal to carry in certain locations, but it other states it may not be so. You MUST abide by your destination’s laws and dictates. First, make sure that the state to which you are traveling has a reciprocity agreement with Oklahoma. This is easy to do at the following website:

Simply, enter the states where you have a permit and a map will be generated. You can click on any state and their major laws will be shown as well. Further research should focus on whether the state is a must notify state (which we recommend anyway) and locations where carrying is impermissible.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention flying with weapons as well. Always review the website of the airline on which you are traveling. Normally on the homepage there will be a link to rules, policies, and prohibited items. The airlines all differ slightly in the process for transporting weapons on the plane, but these basic tenets are shared by all. Make sure the weapon is unloaded in a lockable hard case. This case should not be able to be opened by anyone except yourself. DO NOT use TSA-approved locks. All ammunition should be in original factory boxes. Ammunition cannot be loaded in magazines. Here is where the airlines vary- some will allow the ammunition to be in the same locked container as the firearm; others require the ammunition to be in a separate locked bag. Again, please review the rules on the airlines’ websites or call their customer service numbers. As can be expected, no ammunition or firearms can travel in carry-on luggage.

When checking your bags, notify the agent that you are declaring a firearm. You will complete a declaration tag that will go in the locked case. Once it is in there, the agent will have you lock the case and will send it back with the other luggage. Lastly, do not freak out if your bag with firearm does not come out of the normal luggage carousel. Based on the airline, the case will be safeguarded by an attendant at oversized baggage pickup.

Have a great summer!

We look forward to seeing you all here with us enjoying fun, food, firearms, and freedom!

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