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With hunting season right around the corner one thing we are often asked is, “What scope should I put on my hunting rifle”? This is a big decision for many hunters as there are so many different options, models and magnifications from which to choose. The general rule of thumb that I like to tell everyone when it comes to scopes is that you want 1x for every 100yds you plan on shooting. For the majority of hunters here in Oklahoma, most will be well suited with a 3-9x40mm scope. It provides the perfect range of magnification without breaking the bank and gives you a nice, clear scope. But if you are hunting open grasslands or fields, you may want something more in the 4-12x50mm or 3-15x44mm range.

Another big driver for scopes is the shooter’s vision. Many younger hunters will opt for the lower magnification while the older crowd may push more towards the larger magnification range just for target identification purposes. There are also a ton of different reticle choices when it comes to hunting scopes - everything from the basic duplex crosshair to Christmas tree style long range reticles. 90% of the time the basic reticles are better for hunting as they are much clearer and easier to see through vs the Christmas tree reticles. Hunters should be interested in something with a simple BDC reticle. BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensating reticle, and it means that the scope has hash lines along the reticle to indicate different distances within the scope so you are not guessing where to place your reticle on the animal to hit it at longer distances.

This is just a small insight into some of the different options that you have to choose from when it comes to hunting scopes. Come in to check out Wilshire Gun’s selection and we will help with any questions you have. Several of us are big hunters as well who love sharing info, hunting stories and pictures of the latest great hunt.

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