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SIG SAUER BDX System: Ballistic Data Xchange

Many of us have been in the woods and had that big trophy buck come walking out to the edge of a field, 250 yards away, stop and stare. “Buck Fever” begins to run wild. You line up for the perfect shot, break the trigger, and he runs away into the distance. Your shot hits the dirt just short of him. There is nothing more painful than missing! How could it have happened? You have used the same gun, the same ammunition, and the same scope for years? 250 yards is not that far, right? What could have happened?

Enter the Sig Sauer BDX scope and rangefinder system. The system is designed to take all of the guess work out of making that perfect shot and provide you with the exact spot of impact for your round all the way out to 800 yards. As the years have progressed we continue to learn more and more about ballistics and how bullets actually move through the air. Hint: it is nowhere nearly as stable as the movies or lore tell us. Wind (particularly cross-winds), bullet construction, velocities, and air density all matter. And they matter at much shorter distances than we previously thought. Information that long range shooters have known for years, hunters are learning quickly.

How does it work? BDX is actually a system. It works via a Bluetooth connection between the scope, range finder, and a ballistic app on your smartphone. All are included in the kit that you purchase. Everything begins with initial data. Using the app on your phone, you will enter key data on the performance of your round and your firearm’s setup. Scope height, barrel twist, and bullet weight are just some of the information you will enter. You will also need actual velocities from your rifle. While you can use the manufacturer’s information, we highly recommend coming into Wilshire and using our Lab Radar system on the 101s and getting data specifically for your weapon.

After the data is entered, the app “learns” how your bullet flies. It understands the drop at specific distances and how the round will perform against various levels of wind, at altitude, and at angles (for instance from a tree stand). Next, you will “sync” the scope and range finder with the app. Once this sync is successful, you can put the phone away and use only the range finder and scope. The system remembers your data and you do not need to update again unless the data changes.

After everything has been paired you can begin using the BDX System to make your shots without any problem or hassle. All you simply have to do is turn on the scope by turning the dial and then use the range finder. Once you have ranged the target it will tell the scope how far the target is and then two orange dots will appear in the scope reticle. One dot will show bullet drop on the vertical, the other will show windage adjustments on the horizontal. It is as simple as connecting the dot and squeezing off your shot. Where it gets really cool is the system also will alert you if you are trying to make a shot past the lethal capability of your selected bullet so you don’t risk making a bad shot on big game, keeping all kills as ethical as possible. Essentially, the same ballistics in the system can compute the energy of your round and when it does not meet a threshold for engagement, the system will not work. Pretty neat. Several major hunting and conservation groups provided input to this feature.

This will quickly become the new standard for all hunting rifles as there will be no more guess work when it comes to making the shot, greatly reduced misses on that big trophy, no more saying “Man, I saw him out there but he was just too far and I didn’t feel comfortable taking that shot”, and most importantly dramatically reduced instances of wounding and not recovering the animal. Ethical hunting is key, and the BDX fully supports this! You will be able to hunt with 100% confidence in yourself and anyone you may take with you. As we head into hunting season, good luck to you all. Happy hunting.

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