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Summertime Releases

With the first half of the year behind us already there are a few big product releases quickly coming to us now.

SIG SAUER has announced the M17 series of pistols that will become available to the public. There are a couple different versions of the M17: 1) the M17 Commemorative which will come exactly the same way the Army received the first run of the pistols and will be a limited, one-time run of 5,000 pistols. They will come with UID labels and special serial numbers that are exclusive to the M17 Commemorative line. Once you have bought yours, you will register the serial number with SIG and they will send you a matching coin and certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO of SIG SAUER.

An available option is a shadow box for displaying the pistol and all that comes with it: 2). Then there are the P320-M17 variants which will be offered both with and without the manual safety option, will bear the standard P320 serial number range and won’t come with the coin and certificate but will otherwise be identical to the Military issued M17.

Another big release has come from FN with the 509 Tactical - the pistol everyone has been begging for from FN, a 9mm tactical pistol with threaded barrel and a revolutionary factory MRDS mounting system. Far superior to the other pre-cut options, the mounting system on the 509 Tactical is as close to milling the slide as you can get without actually milling it. The gun comes standard and able to mount almost every single MRDS on the market. With the factory suppressor night sights and threaded barrel, it comes suppressor ready and if you are toting 24rd extended magazines you won’t ever have to worry about being shorted on bullets.

These are just two of the big product releases coming this summer and we’re looking forward to what else the manufacturers are keeping a secret from us – but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out!

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