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Yes! Silencers ARE Legal

One of the most widely held misconceptions about Silencers is that they are illegal! Almost every day we hear, “I thought silencers were illegal”. Many folks honestly believe that they are illegal and that is just not true!


Purchasing a silencer is a very similar process to purchasing a handgun but with a little extra paperwork and waiting time to receive it.

Silencers are 100% legal to own and have many benefits to the shooter and the others around them. Not only are you protecting yourself and others around you from the loud noise that a gun makes when it is fired, you are also not putting out a concussion wave from the gun and there isn’t a big muzzle flash. A silencer makes the gun “hearing safe” by capturing the explosion of a gunshot in the silencer, in the same way a muffler works on a car.

Silencers are especially beneficial to hunters. Because the silencer makes the gun hearing safe, you no longer need to worry about packing your ear plugs or muffs out to the deer stand with you. No more scaring off the wildlife with gunshots and big flashes that blind you in the low light of early morning.

Wilshire Gun offers an NFA Ownership course explaining the process of how to purchase a silencer as well as all the ins and outs of silencer ownership. We highly recommend that you attend if you are thinking about purchasing one. The course is free and you will learn very valuable information. To sign up, please go to or call us at 405-608-4999.

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