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Wilshire Gun Competitions

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Wilshire Gun 2 Gun Match

Every 1st Wednesday of the Month

6 pm to 9 pm

Wilshire’s 2-Gun Competitions aim to provide shooters of all levels the ability to practice and improve their practical and realistic firearms handling/shooting in a controlled environment.

With a primary focus on marksmanship precision under moderate physical challenges and timed stages to simulate stress, the 2-Gun Competitions focuses on shooters neutralizing all intended targets in an accurate and efficient manner.

We will incorporate traditional cardboard targets and Throom targets consisting of 4 stages. (Round count is expected to be 50 pistol / 50 rifle.)

Required Equipment:

Rifle: (Prefer with a sling, but not necessary) AR style, carbine, lever gun, etc.

Spare Rifle Magazine

Pistol:  Carry pistol, duty pistol, “end of the world” pistol (no .22 and nothing bigger than 45ACP)

Spare Pistol Magazine

Adequate Holster (No SOB, shoulder, ankle, or Serpa holsters)

Wilshire Gun Rowdy Rimfire Match

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month

6 pm to 9 pm

Shooting is fun.  Especially with a good .22.  The most fun I’ve ever had with my .22’s was afternoons spent shooting empty cans in a pasture.  It was a giggle to shoot a can, watch it roll a distance, and shoot it again where it stopped. A grocery bag of empty cans and a brick of ammo is the best, cheapest fun I’ve ever had!  Now I live in the middle of the biggest city in the state. It’s a long drive to find a pasture for can rolling. My favorite can rolling pasture has sold twice since I was a kid, and I don’t have access to it any longer.  So I have an idea for all of us.

Bring your .22 pistol, and let’s have fun!  We might shoot for speed.  We might shoot tiny targets to see who can hit it in the fewest attempts.  

We’ll keep score, and announce a winner every match.  The prize for finishing in the top 5 is bragging rights.  We’ll just shoot, have fun, and laugh.

Wilshire Gun EDC Match

Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

6 pm to 9 pm

Are you ready to test skills to become a reliable and effective concealed carrier?

Wilshire Gun is hosting a 5 month competition league.

Shooters will need to bring at least 100 rounds.  The cost of the competition is $25.00 per session.  1 Session each month for a total of 5 months.

Awards ceremony in the Caliber Club at the end of the season.  Date and time TBA.

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